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Artificial Intelligence powered OptiRamp software platform developed for process modeling, conceptual design, real-time and off-line simulations, closed-loop optimization, financial validation, scheduling, and performance monitoring.

Total Value Stream Solutions


Decision Support Center

Dynamic modeling, optimization and strategic planning solve operational problems based on processes simulation, and to display the results on the specific dashboards.


Pipeline Management

Midstream solutions, (includes transportation and storage stages) assists in achieving optimal operation providing suggested set points to save energy while maintaining the required throughput.


Digital Oil and Gas Field

Upstream involves the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. These solutions help petroleum field operators maximize efficiencies at every stage of reservoir utilization.


Power Management

Digital power solutions span and entire value stream, from power generation to electricity distribution and transmission to the overall power grid, allowing to monitor and optimize entire power assets.


Digital Plant

Digital plant solutions continuously optimize downstream systems and processes (refining) in real time mode, increasing efficiency of operational performance and improving sustainability.


Water & Utilities

These solutions solve the water utility system total value stream with a dynamic hydraulic model to optimize water production, transportation, and distribution while minimizing costs.


Steam & Utilities

The steam solutions help users find the optimal steam generation, production and steam distribution strategy to achieve their operational goals.


Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance solutions provide "smart" maintenance scheduling that takes equipment state and current operating conditions into account, thereby ensuring sustained optimal performance.

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