S&C Hires New Regional Manager

As a result of the growing demand for equipment and system optimization for process and power facilities, S&C hired a new regional manager to cover the regions of Houston, Texas; the Gulf of Mexico; and the Caribbean. Oil, Gas, and Power producers are looking to advanced algorithms to improve the bottom line with changes in commodity prices.

We have also partnered with Torque-EPCM in Barbados to address working with local governments and utility companies. Together with Torque-EPCM, we will meet the integrated challenges of the “new” power grid with our advanced solutions and predictive algorithms. 

Recent News

October 2017
Announcing OptiRamp Release 4.0
S&C is pleased to announce OptiRamp Release 4.0 is now available
May 2017
Announcing OptiRamp Release 3.0
S&C is pleased to announce OptiRamp Release 3.0 is now available
May 2017
S&C will be exhibiting as well as presenting a paper this week at the PSIG conference
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