Power Management Solutions

S&C recently filed a patent application for the “Method and Apparatus for Voltage Control in Electric Power Systems,” which is part of our Power Management System (PMS) solution. This solution includes the following features and benefits:

  • ‍Auto-tuned, real-time power generation and transmission models
  • Sophisticated regulatory control for gas turbine generators (GTGs) and for automatic voltage control (AVC) for grid power lines
  • ‍Automatic governor control (AGC) across multiple assets in real time
  • ‍Supports ring topology
  • ‍Real-time, coordinated control for power flows and voltages, including small- and large-scale grid exchanges
  • ‍Island mode to maintain voltage and frequency when isolated from the grid
  • ‍Interfaces with Web Analytics, Virtual Tag Server (VTS), and S&C’s other HTML5 applications
  • ‍Unit diagnostics for advanced, accurate, real-time models of turbines, generators, and steam generators, allowing for a deep knowledge of unit performance and contributions to station and grid operations
  • May be used with any OEM hardware/software platform (vendor neutral)

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S&C is pleased to announce OptiRamp Release 4.0 is now available
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S&C is pleased to announce OptiRamp Release 3.0 is now available
May 2017
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