OptiRamp® for Geothermal

Flash steam power plants convert geothermal energy into electricity. Steam and the steam supply is critical in power production in geothermal plants; however, geothermal reservoirs have limited reserves and are generally not recoverable once their steam reserves are used up. The challenge then is how to use the available steam most efficiently in order to extend the life of the reservoir. This is where OptiRamp excels.

Find out how OptiRamp for Geothermal can be used at your plant. 

Recent News

March 2018
Native Modbus TCP Driver
S&C has developed a native Modbus TCP driver for the OptiRamp Virtual Tag Server
January 2018
S&C Celebrates 13 Years
S&C celebrates 13 years in business this month with many exciting plans for the new year
December 2017
An Application of OptiRamp Digital Twin Technology
S&C built a Decision Support Center that uses OptiRamp Digital Twin technology
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