Mobile Well Testing with OptiRamp Technology

Optimizing an active oil field requires a combination of historical well performance and real-time well data. Often, well test data is inaccurate, and the time between well tests makes it difficult to properly determine the decline curve as well as the reasons for production decline until much later. In Heavy Oil assets, well testing is also challenged by low flow rates, low temperatures, and inaccurate results. S&C has partnered with a top-of-the-line mobile well testing company to overcome these challenges and to integrate their mobile unit with OptiRamp Optimization using Rational SCADA and the Virtual Tag Server (VTS) to build the most advanced, real-time field optimizer based on individual wells.

When combined with the mobile testing unit, OptiRamp Optimization allows S&C to build an accurate representation of well performance decline curves in real time, resulting in better prediction models for timely well intervention. Another outcome is dynamic well allocation across multiple well pads, eliminating the need for a time-consuming, manual reconciliation process after the fact.

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