Managing Energy with OptiRamp

Companies in the energy industry currently face challenges that include the push for them to make better operating decisions, increase efficiency of their process, reduce operational risks, and provide true transparency about environmental impacts. Additionally, they face variable expenses and low oil & gas prices, which impacts both the oil and gas as well as power industries and aging facilities that must remain operational for another decade, if not longer. At the same time, capital funding is limited.

One area in which companies are focusing their attention is energy management, which address several of these challenges. OptiRamp’s Energy Management solution identifies energy reduction opportunities that directly reduce greenhouse gases, fuel costs, and energy waste. Specific examples where our solution may be applied are refineries, oil & gas pipelines, heavy oil steamflood, gas lift, and power plants.

The benefits of the OptiRamp solution may be quantified using a detailed Measurement and Verification (M&V) methodology included in the OptiRamp solution. Check back here soon for the white paper describing our M&V methodology.

Recent News

December 2017
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S&C built a Decision Support Center that uses OptiRamp Digital Twin technology
December 2017
Introducing S&C’s ODBC Driver
S&C built an ODBC driver to work with OptiRamp
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