Digital Oil Field of the Future

S&C’s Digital Oil Field (DOF) solution effectively handles the Industrial Internet of Things and provides visualization and actionable data for the entire oil and gas field, from the producer to consumers. This solution is part of S&C’s Industry 4.1 “Smart Factory,” which may be described with the Big Data Analytics 6Cs.

The purpose of DOF is to not collect the most data but to collect meaningful data and transform these data into dynamic KPIs from which decisions can be made and actions can be taken by exception. The OptiRamp DOF solutions provides the following features made visible through OptiRamp Web Analytics:

  • Complex network capabilities
  • Unit analytics
  • Inter-island model
  • Turbomachinery control
  • Mixed-mode solutions
  • Optimization
  • Predictive dispatching
  • Fleet management 

With OptiRamp DOF, customers can

  • Manage by exception (focus on the highest value)
  • Improve collaboration across distance and function
  • Standardize and centralize analysis and decision making
  • Use relevant time data in decision making
  • Reduce exposure to safety and environmental risks

Recent News

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August 2018
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May 2018
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