Build Power & Process Models with a Single Tool

The OptiRamp Developer is a single platform serving multiple functions, including building system models, connecting OptiRamp Virtual Tag Server tags to system components, creating OptiRamp Web Analytics and Reports displays and templates, customizing OptiRamp Notifications, and building regulatory control programs, among other functions.

Additionally, the OptiRamp Developer highly unique is that has standard process and power library blocks used to build both power and process models. No additional tools are required, allowing for faster development.

Other features and benefits of using the OptiRamp Developer include

  • Intuitive graphical user interface for ease of use
  • No special programming knowledge required
  • Quickly configure elements through standard library elements
  • Easily build large-scale models of operating assets
  • Reduce development and maintenance costs
  • Plan for system expansion
  • Protect your investment

Recent News

March 2018
Native Modbus TCP Driver
S&C has developed a native Modbus TCP driver for the OptiRamp Virtual Tag Server
January 2018
S&C Celebrates 13 Years
S&C celebrates 13 years in business this month with many exciting plans for the new year
December 2017
An Application of OptiRamp Digital Twin Technology
S&C built a Decision Support Center that uses OptiRamp Digital Twin technology
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